Insurance Coverage ?

Does my insurance policy cover breast feeding?

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act new mothers are entitled to a range of breast feeding equipment as well as counselling sessions to help them through the early stages of motherhood.

Most health insurance policies take this sort of arrangement into account and provide assistance with your own personal breast feeding programme at little or no extra cost to your family.

This can be a real weight off your mind when it comes to financially supporting your infant through breast feeding and certainly helps to alleviate at least some of the stress associated with becoming a first time mom.

If you're hoping to take advantage of this sort of free healthcare and advice then finding out what your insurance covers is certainly the best way forward. And if you're looking for information regarding how the system works then read on to find out more.


Will my insurance policy cover breast pumps?

Using a breast pump can be a very important part of ensuring your newborn is getting the right amount of natural nutrients that they need to develop into a strong and healthy baby.

Breast pumps come in all shapes and sizes with everything from electronic and battery led devices to manual hand pumps providing a full choice for new mothers. High end pumps can be expensive which is why this sort of healthcare initiative has been introduced.

Talking to your insurance company and checking over their guidelines is exactly what you should be doing prior to baby being born.

Once you've ascertained what your policy covers then it's up to you to find a suitable pump that fits you and your baby's needs.

Breast pumps can also be rented too and it's certainly a good idea to find out how long and when you'll be able to rent a breast pump before you start the process of expressing milk.


Will my insurance company talk to my doctor?

In most cases insurance policy procedures follow that someone from the company will talk to your doctor in order to find out which breast pump is required for your baby's welfare and comfort.

Heavy duty electric breast pumps are usually most suitable for babies in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) and if your doctor thinks that your baby falls into this category then they'll make this sort of recommendation to your healthcare insurers.

Similarly, if you're only intending to express milk on the odd occasion, for example: if you're leaving your child with grandma for a couple of hours, then you're more likely to be using either a manual pump or a lightweight alternative and therefore your doctor will, again, pass on this information to your insurers.

Finally, if your doctor thinks that you'll benefit from getting further assistance from a healthcare advisor or breast feeding expert then they'll suggest this to your insurance company.


In summary:

Best advice if you want to know what your insurance covers with regards to breast feeding is to complete the online form and a DotMommy insurance expert will sort it out for you.

Good luck with your breast feeding plan and best wishes for you and your baby's continual good health and happiness.