Frequently Asked Questions

The Frequently Asked Questions page is designed to deliver answers to common questions asked by moms and professionals. Please visit this section often for a quick answer to your question. Additional FAQs will be added regularly. Thank you for your interest in Dotmommy's breastfeeding products.

Of course! In the event that your insurance policy does not cover the pump, or you would like to upgrade it, your FSA or HSA can be used.

We will do our best to maximize your insurance coverage. We want you to have the latest and greatest for your newborn! However, sometimes insurance companies insist on paying for the “least costly alternative”.

There may be a cost difference between what the insurance company will pay for and what you want. Unfortunately, every insurer is different with regard to what they will pay for. Don’t worry though. Once you fill out our Insurance Order Form we will be able to determine how much will be paid and what upgrade options are available to you.

Once you complete our Insurance Order Form we will verify your insurance, obtain your prescription (if needed), and begin processing your order. We will contact you within three business days (usually sooner) to discuss your benefits and upgrade options (if available). Once coverage is verified your order is sent for delivery via UPS ground. We will provide you with a tracking number upon shipment via email.

Your insurance coverage will determine how far in advance you can receive your new breast pump. The Preventative Care Clause of your insurance policy may allow you to receive the pump up to one year after delivery. Typically we are able to deliver your breast pump within 30-60 days of your due date. Please complete the Insurance Order Form and we will get the exact requirements of the insurance plan for you.

On January 1, 2013, many insurance plans began covering the purchase of breast pumps for expectant or lactating mothers under the Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA). What’s more, the law allows new purchases “in conjunction with each new pregnancy,” meaning that your insurance may purchase a new pump for each pregnancy.

Coverage can vary by insurance company. When you complete our online Insurance Order Form we will verify your benefits and update you accordingly.

DotMommy will walk you through the entire process of getting a breast pump through your insurance. You only have to complete the form on our Insurance Order Form page, and we will do the rest.

We contact your insurance company to verify coverage, your physician’s office to collect a prescription, and you to confirm your order. Once complete your new breast pump is shipped directly to your door.